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May 1, 2013 12:00pm PDT
qaeda is in full collapse. what that is in some ways is that the reaffirmation, of what in the obama white house was called the light footprint strategy, a strategy moving i way from a focus on these big attritional wars where we send a hundred thousand troops to a country, rewire the nation and after six or seven years discover we haven't done very little other than build recentments there. and more towards the use of america's technological advantage or physical advantage against a smaller group. so there are drone strikes in afghanistan, and in the long run, harmful or helpful. there are cyber strikes of the kind that the book revealed that the united states conducted against iran. and then there's the use of special forces. ultimate light footprint. remember they were in and out of pakistan before the pakistani military even had a chance to respond. >> david in the book you have the chapter, the dark side of the light footprint. you talk about standard that this administration struggled to fashion or new operations including targeted killing. they settled on the notion that a cou
May 2, 2013 12:00pm PDT
change. >> and drug surveys show white americans ask black american use and sell drugs at similar rates. >> i think you're all right. the problem will be that obama and pena nieto are in a tough spot. to give you a little background or give our viewers a back ground to put in it context. pena nieto's partner ran mexico for 71 uninterrupted years during which they got a reputation for corruption and back door deals. this was resoundingly kick out in 2000 when the pan party took over for 12 years. opportunity pan party rule you had a huge economic decline, a rise in homelessness and a rise in the drug cartel crime and violence and border security issues are out of hand. pena nieto came about as the flew face of the old guard. he is pri but he is out there to change it. and to lose that reputation of corruption and back door deals. he promised when he was campaigning, no pacts with criminals. he will not work with the cartels to try and get stability in the region. now, the cartels have devolved into such a revertible chaos. there is infighting, instability, many fear, especially in the u.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2